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Erin and students after the March 2020 Studio Recital

Voice Lessons

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All ages, levels and Identities welcome!

Erin Alcorn is a private voice teacher and professional opera singer with over twelve years of teaching experience and a lifetime of performance experience.  She currently provides in-person lessons in Cincinnati and virtual lessons nationally. All ages, levels and identities are welcome to seek voice lessons. She teaches singing instruction based on classical vocal technique that can be applied to various styles of music and is committed to sharing a passion for singing and performing in a positive and healthy way.


Students will receive one-to-one weekly voice instruction. Geared towards individual interests,  lessons will introduce healthy technique, performance and acting skills, and study various languages and musical styles. Students will develop skills that can be applied to all career paths.


Since 2019, Erin has served as a voice teacher and mentor for ArtSmart, a nonprofit that provides voice lessons and mentorship to high school students in underserved communities. She taught for Meridee Winters School of Music in Philadelphia for three years. Previously, she taught voice lessons for Lewisville Independent School District in Dallas, Texas. Erin is currently a Doctorate of Musical Arts candidate at the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music. She holds a Bachelor of Music in vocal performance from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music and a Master of Music in vocal performance from the University of North Texas College of Music. Erin has recent FBI and Child Abuse Clearances from the state of Pennsylvania. 

To learn more, please email Erin at

Online Lessons


The pros to online voice lessons include ease of time management, flexible scheduling, no commute and singing in the comfort of your own home. 

I have taught online voice lessons since March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Initially reluctant to do so, virtual lessons have been a blessing in disguise. After more than a year of experience, I now feel I have a good system for providing an experience very similar to the in-person. Lessons are done by Zoom or FaceTime. A relatively good pair of headphones, internet quality, and a quiet environment are required. 

Erin and students after the June 2020 Studio Recital



60 minutes- $60 

45 minutes- $50

30 minutes- $40

Monthly tuition for all students is due no later than the fifth day of each month by Zelle or Venmo. This makes it financially possible for Erin to be able to provide lessons to you on a consistent and flexible basis.

Financial Assistance

Everyone should have access to music lessons. If you are able to commit to weekly lessons, but the above prices do not fit in your budget, please communicate this with Erin. Full time university students and young professionals recently out of school may inquire about a student discount.

If you are a member of Philadelphia Futures or Ellis Trust for Girls, you may be eligible for free voice lessons. Erin is a program provider for both organizations. If your school participates in ArtSmart, you may also be eligible for free lessons through your school. Please reach out to Erin to learn more.

A student works on the vocals for his own original song in lesson

Studio Recitals

Students will have the opportunity to perform in a studio recital one to two times per year, either in person or virtually. Family and friends are welcome to attend. This is a great opportunity to practice performing in public and to share what you have been working on. Studio recitals are not mandatory. Students have performed all genres, from musical theatre to gospel to contemporary to opera. 


A student performs "I'd Rather Be Me" from Mean Girls in a studio recital

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Thanks for contacting me! I will get back to your right away.

College student Via Kentner performs her talent in the Miss Ohio program

Student highlights & more

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Student Testimonials

"My 10-year-old son, Kiran, has been taking voice lessons with Erin for about a year. She has been helpful and encouraging and we can hear a difference in his singing. Erin has helped Kiran prepare for auditions and given him more confidence in his abilities. Erin's support and teaching motivated Kiran to try out for the Philadelphia School District All City Choir and he was accepted! We are thrilled we found Erin and we love working with her." - Janhavi

"My family has had the pleasure of working with Erin over the last year. We moved from out of state and the Children's Chorus of Greater Dallas recommended Erin as a potential voice teacher. Without a doubt, she is the best voice coach we have ever had the pleasure of working with. She emphasizes technique, proper breathing, diction, and enunciation, all the while greatly expanding our student's music repertoire. Our 14-year-old daughter was always prepared for auditions and performances. Furthermore, Erin is always on time, professional, and communicative. I would have no reservations recommending Erin to any voice student. She is the best!" - Jay

"I have had a handful of voice teachers over the past 7 years, and none has been as helpful and involved as Erin. She helps me with my college pre-screenings, auditions, and both classical and musical theatre repertoire. She understands my voice and knows how I personally need to shape my mouth or move my body in order to sing something well. I have learned everything from her and am so grateful!" - Talia, high school senior

"In Ms. Alcorn’s studio I have learned not only how to be a better singer and musician, but how to love being a singer and musician even more. She has taught me to understand why I make musical and technical changes so that I am capable of making them on my own in practice and in the future. I recommend Ms. Alcorn to any vocal student looking for a chance to grow in all aspects of vocal knowledge for any reason." - Amelia, high school senior

"Erin is a freakin' miracle worker. I've been singing for years but always had a lot of tension and tightness. Erin has helped me learn proper singing and breathing technique, and now singing is so much easier for me AND it sounds better. She's great about finding different ways to help her students learn and understand the concepts she's teaching and it's very effective. Highly, highly recommended!" - Angela

"My voice lessons with Erin have been the highlight of my year! She's helped me discover sounds I never thought I was capable of making. Not only have I become a much better singer, I am now a much better overall musician. Erin's ear training exercises allowed my creativity to really blossom - which is totally not what I expected from voice lessons. Her lessons are excellently tailored towards my needs and what I am trying to achieve. They are incredibly fun and rewarding! I look forward to them eagerly. Thanks Erin! " - Zaid

"This year my 16-year old and 13-year-old daughter both started taking lessons with Erin and although they came in at very different levels, I am floored with how much they have each grown as singers—in their technique, artistry, and confidence. Erin was able to pinpoint their individual needs and help them each improve in a way that made them enjoy singing even more. My 13-year-old had never before Erin found a teacher who could keep her motivated. Beyond what she taught them, Erin is a wonderful advocate for my daughters and encourages and supports them through their auditions, performances, and competitions.  I am so thankful for her impact on my daughters’ lives." - Becky


"Studying voice in Ms. Alcorn's studio has been a wonderful experience. Not only have I learned proper technique, but I have also learned how to express myself emotionally though singing. After every lesson I was motivated to go home, practice, and was eager for my next lesson to come. Never once was I unprepared for any sort of audition or recital while studying under Ms. Alcorn. She is a wonderful vocalist and an amazing teacher. I am so thankful to have been able to take lessons with Ms. Alcorn and I would highly recommend that any student, who is looking for a chance to grow vocally, take lessons with her." - Yashasvi, eighth grader

"Erin is truly an amazing vocalist and gifted teacher. It has been so exciting to see the vocal skills and confidence of our young singer blossom under her guidance and coaching.  I would highly recommend Erin to anyone looking for a professional voice instructor." - Lori


"Erin is a fantastic teacher! She has the ability to put even the most terrified singer at ease!"- Ryann

"Erin Alcorn is incredible. She really helped me branch out of my comfort zone in the best ways, and I am eternally grateful." -Anna

Erin has a beautiful gift in instructing children. She is encouraging and professional. Her ability to bring out the best voice in a child is inspiring and unique. My daughter (age 12) looked forward to every lesson with Erin. Erin gave her the confidence to sing for others and auditions. Erin's lesson was so well organized that the child could take those instructions and use them independently for practice. The lessons that we received from Erin will last a lifetime. She truly has a gift and I'm thankful we were recipients of that gift." - Parent of Nina

"My seven year old son had the opportunity to work with Erin for a year discovering his voice and learning to love music. Every lesson was fun for him and he was eager to go back and sing with Erin. She is patient and encouraging with her youngest students. He was so proud to overcome his nervousness to perform with much older students. He said it was Erin who gave him that confidence! He is eager to learn more about music and has requested to take piano lessons. Thank you Erin for instilling the love of music in my little boy!" - Tracy


"Working with Erin is a joy.  She is great at making me feel comfortable and confident in taking on new and challenging repertoire, and she is able to effectively convey her teaching message in multiple memorable ways.  I recommend her services heartily!" - Bruce

I am not a trained vocalist. I do not sight read and I have difficulty reading music. However, I love to sing. Erin wasn't afraid to take me on knowing I would probably be her most challenging yet eager student. I appreciated her ability to quickly figure out both my strengths and my areas that I needed to focus more attention on. She was always positive and encouraging. She helped me analyze and understand the meaning of the words in each of my songs. Her lessons were more than just singing the perfect notes. Technique to protect my voice was of utmost importance. Erin never limited herself to just one way of helping me accomplish a new vocal skill. I will be forever grateful to her for the lessons I had. Thank goodness I taped all my lessons! - Liz

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